Writing can ignite personal growth, create connection, and help others.


But getting started can feel like climbing Mt. Everest.

Let’s get real. How many times have you planned to write and ended up cleaning your house, alphabetizing your crystal collection, getting an oil change, or basically doing anything that wasn't writing? 

How often have you finally sat down and put pen to paper, only to write a few lines, hating every word and despairing that you'll never write anything worth reading? 

Yet despite the overwhelm, paralyzing perfectionism, and the million-and-one excuses that get in the way, you know you want to write. And you know you have something deep inside that's worth sharing.


Isn’t it time you went for it? Starting today, you can:

  • Make writing a regular practice.

  • Learn how to strengthen your writing.

  • Feel confident and proud to share your writing with others.

Start Your Writing Journey

It's time to kiss perfectionism and excuses goodbye. Are you ready to sit down and write?

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My Story

Hi, I'm Jo! I'll be your writing guide.
Let's get to know each other better. 

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