Amplify Your Message:
A 5-Week Writing Intensive for Entrepreneurs



Let’s be real—you’re pretty kickass at what you do. So why do you have trouble writing about it? In-person you’re having engaging conversations with people, but when you finally write a blog post on this thing you’re so passionate about, it just feels… flat.

You want your writing to reach more people, convert more clients, and CHANGE LIVES, but your message and your heart are getting lost somewhere along the way. Your writing doesn’t “sound” and “feel” like you, and you don’t seem to be getting your point across.

Maybe you got top marks on your papers in college, but now that same drive for perfection is cranking down on you like a hydraulic press, leaving zero space for creating something you’re actually excited for and proud of.

Or maybe sitting down to write feels like a haphazard affair. You’re not sure what you’re doing, where you’re going with the piece, and if anyone will actually understand it once it’s done.

You dream of being a leader in your industry and you’re passionate about your message, but you’re really having a helluva time articulating it. You’re worried your business or career isn’t going to take off the way you want it to if you’re not able to uplevel your writing skills.


Do any of these ring a bell?

  • It’s been your goal to write a weekly blog post, but attempting to sit down and doing it feels like you’re getting your toenails pulled out (emotionally anyway).
  • You were rockin’ it in college or grad school, but have now realized writing for the internets is a horse of a different flavor. (You’re not fooling anyone with that 2000-word essay masquerading as a newsletter).
  • You’re convinced your writing is beyond cringe-worthy and should be locked away from the eyes of mankind and set on fire.
  • You’re (mostly) sure your writing isn’t that bad, so why is no one reading it?
  • You want to grow your writing skills and cultivate a regular writing practice, but life seems to be conspiring against you and you can’t seem to get it together.

Okay, forget all the drama. What if sitting down to write actually felt GOOD?


What if there WASN’T a cloud of fear, insecurity, or uncertainty hovering over your head when you try to start a new project? Imagine feeling excited and proud to share your writing with others, and knowing that it’s going to make an impact.

You have time in your schedule set aside for writing and you know exactly how to get started AND when your piece is complete. There’s no more agony over hitting the “publish” or “send” button, you’re feeling excited about putting your work out there. And your readers are loving your weekly blog or newsletter.

You’re showing up better in your all written communication. People are actually reading and answering your emails, and you feel like you’ve finally found your “voice” as a writer.

Folks in your industry are starting to take notice. You know your stuff, you’re creating great content, and people are loving it. Even better—YOU’RE loving it! Writing may still be work, but it doesn’t feel intimidating and overwhelming the way it used to. You feel focused, energized, and organized when you sit down to write.

You’re feeling ready for bigger and better things.



Hiiiiiii, I’m Jo.

I’m a Writing Coach for entrepreneurs who want to strengthen their writing.

They’re passionate about their message and vision, but are having a tough time communicating their ideas via writing.

I help them find their voice and develop their writing skills so they can achieve their business goals and become a leader in their field.


As we work together, you’ll:

  • Get expert feedback on your writing, and learn exactly what you can do to make it more engaging, sound more like you, and better connect with your audience.
  • Get to workshop 1-3 writing projects of your choice (think: blog post, landing page, about page) and come away with a polished piece you’re proud to share with the world.
  • Learn how to create a regular writing practice that’s fun, fits your life, and fuels your creative projects.
  • Build greater confidence in your writing ability so you’re finally excited to write and share your work.
  • See Jesus.*

*Just kidding about that last one. I can’t (legally) guarantee that working with me will cause Our Lord & Savior to appear before your eyes, but I do promise you’ll have some super rad revelations about your writing (and yourself!).


Amplify Your Message includes:


Session 1: And So It Begins

In this 60 minute video session we’ll talk through your writing goals and what you want to achieve through our time together. Before we meet you’ll submit a writing project, so we’ll also discuss my initial feedback on your writing and the areas that need the most love.

...DON’T PANIC! On a scale of Never-Nude to Nudist, most people feel pretty vulnerable about sharing their writing. This is completely normal. I promise I will always provide a safe, positive, encouraging space for you to share your work. And yes, I will also be totally up front with you about what you need to work on. (I’m kind, but I will not lie to you.)

By the end of our first session we’ll have a clear plan of action for our time together and you’ll have next steps for exactly what you need to work on. So shake it out! Breathe a sigh of relief! You’re on your way to writing bliss.


Sessions 2, 3, 4: Buckle Up, Buttercup! You’re Going For a Ride

This is your Act Two, baby! We’re talking sweat, blood, and a training montage set to Eye of the Tiger. Every week you’ll make updates to your writing project and I’ll provide written feedback and guidance. Then we’ll hop on the phone for 30 minutes to ask questions, talk through areas that need work, and celebrate your progress.

We’ll take this step by step, addressing a couple growth areas at a time, so you’re making steady progress and it always feels manageable. If we’re able to get your first writing project polished and ready to roll, great, let’s move on to another. Or we may spend the whole time diving deep with one piece.

You’ll start to see how your writing is evolving from draft to draft, and it’s going to feel AWESOME. This is where those “aha” moments start clicking into place, and you’ll feel like you’re on stable ground and getting a real handle on the process. You’re going to work hard, but it’s also going to be FUN.


Session 5: On to the Real Adventure

We’ll meet one more time for 60 minutes to review the final draft of your project and talk through your next steps as a writer. You’ll get a personalized plan for how you can keep your new momentum going and continue to develop your writing practice on your own.

At this point you’ll have had a month of writing practice and expert feedback in a safe environment. You’ll have made significant progress in your writing, and you’ll know exactly what you need to work on going forward so you can engage your audience and build your business.

Writing doesn’t have to be an area where you feel blocked, stuck, or confused. You’ll leave our time together equipped with greater confidence in your writing abilities, knowing you have the skills you need to achieve those audacious goals of yours.


Writing Resources & Exercises

Don’t worry, this isn’t just a “wax on, wax off” situation. You’ll learn A LOT by doing—and receiving expert guidance from me—but you’ll also get some essential writing resources to help you hone your craft.

During the program you’ll receive resources and writing exercises that you can use to get immediate results and return to time after time once the program’s over to continue boosting your skills.


No matter what level you THINK you’re at now, you really CAN do this. And I can make your journey quicker, easier, and way more fun.

Are you up for the ride?

Investment: $975


Ready to get this party started? Excellent! Here’s what to do next:

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  • Once you sign up you’ll receive a welcome email with instructions for scheduling your sessions, completing your questionnaire, and submitting your first writing project.
  • Get ready to uplevel your writing!

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